IN THE NEWS – August 4, 2022

Raising Child Care Fund Grantees Lifting Up Voices of Early Educators, Early Childhood Funders Collaborative

“The Raising Child Care Fund (RCCF), an initiative of ECFC, pools private foundation dollars to give grants to groups that lift up the voices of families, early educators, and allies…” READ MORE


IN THE NEWS – April 2022

State of American Philanthropy: Giving for Early Childhood Education, Inside Philanthropy

“Until recently, philanthropy has neglected early childhood education (ECE) in favor of higher-profile funding areas, like K-12 education and healthcare. But that has begun to change in recent years…” READ MORE

Access the full report here.


IN THE NEWS – April 21, 2022

States stuck trying to fix early ed pay as feds drop the ball, The Hechinger Report

“Earlier this year, I spent some time in Milwaukee, Wisconsin learning about local efforts to draw new early childhood teachers into the field by creating programs that allow high school students…” READ MORE


OP-ED – February 12, 2022

Op-Ed: America’s approach to early childhood education is completely unsustainable, Los Angeles Times

“Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, alarming attrition and turnover in the early education workforce has gotten even worse. Prior to the pandemic, turnover in the field was already as high as…” READ MORE


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